River study

I can feel a new unit of study coming on!

We went to see a local campsite this week to check out whether it might give us some respite from the predicted oppressive heat forecast for late next week.

The site has a swimming lake and a meandering river that bubbles through it.

There is a playground, campfire and picnic benches all nestled in a valley near the local town.

It is idyllic.

No more so than because the girls just love being outside in nature.

Within minutes of parking to to do our reconnaissance they were building stepping stones across the river, getting sticks to measure the depth, eyeing up which trees had good climbing possibilities and spotting critters all around!

Flossy building stepping stones for Fliss

Flossy shouted “I’m the queen of nature” much to our delight!

By the time we had walked just 100m we had seen water boatmen, fish, toads, dragonflies, birds, someone’s pet dog and all had wet feet!

Needless to say we think we will book in for a week if they have any vacancies!

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