Fossil hunters

The girls want to be paleontologists this week! Of course they do! I wouldn’t let them dig up the garden so Flossy suggested we do a ‘People who changed the world’ on it. this is what we call History.

So, dutiful mother that I am, and so keen to follow their interests, I looked for a famous female paleontologist.

And there is one!

Her name was Mary Anning and she was born in 1599 living her whole life on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

I think I was more fascinated in her life than the girls were.

She found the first entire ichthyosaurus fossil which can now be found in the Natural History Museum in London.

In line with our social justice learning we talked about why Mary lives her entire life in poverty, with out public or scientific recognition despite her findings.

The fire of feminism was truly alight in Freya and Flossy as they wrote up what they had learnt!

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