Such different interpretations

We live Draw With Rob and it is rare a Tuesday or Thursday goes by with out us drawing along to his Facebook video.

Over the weeks, it was been so fascinating seeing the girls find their own style though.

Of course, the idea is, I think, to create a similar version of the picture, perhaps with different colors or a slightly different background to Rob’s.

Not our girls.

Freya often creates entire scenes involving the new character along with other characters from previous weeks.

Flossy goes so far off piste and into her imagination that the original character sometimes remains unfinished and is overrun by other characters from her story.

Needless to say, Felicity is the most likely of any of them to get one the grid’ as she tends to colour in my version of the picture having struggled to follow too many instructions.

So proud of the girls’ independent thoughts, ideas and initiative as they forge their own creative paths!

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