How a project starts

When I speak to other homeschooling parents one of the main questions I get asked is about where the ideas come from.

I honestly can say, I’m most cases, they come from the girls.

For example, Freya and I are embarking on a new learning journey into the world of raptors.

There is a bird of prey nesting some where in the valley adjacent to us. We can often hear him or her calling out as it’s screech echoes through the hills.

If you sit quietly and watch he/she can be seen catching the updrafts and soaring over the fields looking for prey.

Freya has been captivated by it.

Our first stop was an introductory video I found on the web by an educational center based in Idaho.

Freya watched it through and then we made notes together.

We talked about the threads and similar topics and decided how best to structure a non-fiction piece of writing about Birds of Prey.

I then found two non-fiction pieces of writing introducing the topic. One in our Encyclopedia of Life and one on Britannica Kids.

Freya read them both and identified the similarities and differences. She then copied my note making method on a whiteboard and mapped out what her introduction will include.

This is how our units usually begin… a thread of interest, some research by my in the evenings then a shared exploration of the topic as long as it remains of interest.

I cross reference the skills I actively teach against a tracking document I created in Google Sheets to make sure that all of the Y2 objectives are covered over the course of the year.

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