Nature walk

The situation with COVID-19 here in France is getting tricky again. As with many places in Europe the number of cases have been going up and we are concerned that there could be another lockdown.

Indeed, after our mini vacation at the lake we all got sick. Freya made one friend, one afternoon, and played with her for that afternoon only. Two days later she was sick with a cold and viral rash, followed by Flossy and then Felicity. Nick got a snotty cold and I got a bad chest.

We have no idea if that was ‘IT’ but self isolated and kept away from everyone and everything for two weeks just in case.

As a result, we are avoiding all people again.

So, we use the afternoons to take walks, visit parks and outdoor spaces to keep busy and enjoy freedom while it lasts.

Earlier this week we went on a nature walk. Freya and Flossy packed intrepid explorer bags and we set off on the Bussière-Badil waking circuit.

It’s was beautiful and indulgent to slow down to a toddler’s pace and see the world through her eyes for an afternoon.

We spotted mole holes (we think)

Collected acorns to cook (the wrong type we later found out)

Kept an eye out for ‘our’ bits of prey, still yet to be identified through our research.

And followed a trail of ants for a while to try to see where they were headed.

It was such a lovely afternoon and made us really treasure what is available right outside out (current) front door!

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