They don’t ask for much

We made a day out of going shopping! I know, this is what it has come to 🙂

I wanted to visit a large supermarket as we had all sorts of odd things on the list… the joy of small children in someone else’s house :

  • Replacement salad bowl (mummy’s fault)
  • Replacement kettle (Flossy)
  • Replacement place mats (PlayDoh)
  • Light bulbs

Knowing that the girls were not going to enjoy this very boring list, as well as the groceries, we decided that; while they would all come on the 45minute journey to Angoulême, they wouldn’t come shopping…. instead, treat of treats, Nick would take them to McDonalds!!!

Now, that may it seem exciting, but the last time they had one was June 2019 so, it really was a treat! (Frey chose a fish sandwich as she couldn’t find anything else close to vegetarian.. bless her – the other two had ham and cheese and didn’t give two hoots for the pig)

Anyway, this meant I have 90 minutes ‘peace’ to do the shopping as I am anti-McDonalds in so many levels I can’t even enter the place.

While wandering (I will get to the point I promise) I found myself in the ‘sale’ isle.

As well as some reasonably priced place settings (tick) Theresa some face paints.

Now avid readers of the blog may remember a certain Freya fuller using poster paint to cover her sister’s faces not so long ago. So, seeing as they were in sale, and that the girls hardly ever ask for anything, I bought them.

Buy were they worth it 🙂

Freya painted Flossy

Freya painted Flissy

Flossy painted daddy

Felicity ate the paint

Felicity painted the toys

Felicity was stopped from painting the table just in time!

They had so much fun, and it all washed off (eventually).

They have been hidden away for a rainy day and have already been planned into future RE-enactments of traditional tales so watch this space!

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