Freya’s birds of prey project

She has just loved it so far!

It really shows how when a child takes control of their learning, and follows a passion project, the motivation is intrinsic.

Freya has spent about an hour per page researching facts about the first top four (according to the RSPB) birds of Prey in the UK.

Her biggest stumbling block was that her planned chapter layout didn’t work.

All the books and online resources speak about one species at a time rather than making generalizations about birds of prey in general (other than in the introduction.

So, Once she had pivoted and come up with a new layout iteration she was off.

As usual it is her illustrations that blow me away most.

That and her resilience and tenacity. Her sisters may be running laps in the garden, playing in the lounge or noisily asking her how much more she has left to do… but she perseveres until the work is done.

She has really started to get to grips with nonfiction text structure and seems to enjoy the repetitive nature of the layout for each chapter.

We aim to get to ten birds so we can play Top Trumps with them! She has been making the Top Trump cards for each bird as she goes 🙂

Top Trump cards

This has been a great way to get the new technical vocabulary into her mind too.

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