Sustainability learning part two

We had some great hands in learning this week as we prepare to leave the house again for some camping fun.

Nick and I haven’t bought any new clothes pretty much since March 2019. So some items are looking pretty tired.

One of my favorite blue and white striped tops had a stubborn colour rum stain that refused to be removed.

Nick’s favorite blue shorts had a grease stain that won’t come out. So, I recruited the girls help and some clothing due.

We learnt about the process added the dye, salt and wet clothes to the washer and set the load to run.

We were so delighted with the results!

They actually look brand new!

I’ll be heading back to the shop for some bright pink and turquoise due to try and refresh some of the girls’ wardrobe next!

Looking at other solutions for stains, I cut out some flowers from clothes Fliss had grown out of and sewed them onto a shirt that had a stain down the front. She loves it and it now matches some shorts she has so the outfit looks almost ‘designed’!

Finally, as all our laundry is washed using soap nuts I miss the ‘just washed’ smell you get from laundry powder (even if the scent is full or chemicals and hormones.)

We had noticed that the number of bees buzzing around the lavender had dropped considerably.

On closer inspection it was clear that the flowers had come to the end of their lives and had dried in their stalks.

The girls and I collected the stems using scissors and did two projects.

First we tied bundles of dried flowers together to put in the drawers with the clean laundry. Lovely lavender scents waft out as you slide then open now. In the van I think it will be even more noticeable.

Secondly we steeped some of the flower heads in coconut oil for a week then drained the jars to create our own essential oil.

This can be used in anything apparently – the home made cleaning fluid I have made, laundry b-ball’s in tumble dryers, hair conditioner… the list goes on.

Super busy day of eco friendly learning for adults and kids alike.

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