Rainy day nature walk

They say there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing… so, in the midst of our damp camping trip we decided to put it to the test.

With raincoats and smiles we headed out on our fortnightly nature walk around our local area.

Busseroles has a circular walk that is 25km but given the weather we thought a modest ramble based more on time than distance was a better choice.

Each modeling their own personal style!

We circumvented the swimming lake and followed the river keeping an eye out for anything of interest as we went.

The blackberries were beautifully ripe and had plumped up following the rain. Once Felicity has eaten her fill we filled our pockets.

The girls love the magic porridge pot story and were quick to suggest adding the blackberries to the porridge for breakfast tomorrow.

We checked out other berries as we went using Google Lens to identify them, there were plump hawthorns with hugs seeds and small dogwood berries which looked a lot by mulberries. It was a great learning point – we don’t eat anything without first looking up whether they are edible…. some thing we definitely need to emphasis with the walking fruit monster that is Fliss.

Nature wise, the volume of our noise seemed to prevent us seeing many creatures! We did manage to spot a fabulous slug though!

Flossy hypothesized that it was orange because it was poisonous.

There were beautiful autumnal leaves that made us think of Anthony Gormley (could be another day of artwork there if the rain continues).

The girls enjoyed looking for habitats their dragons might like (Playmobil versions from the movie ‘How to train your dragon’ which are current favourites). They spotted some super fungi that looked quite other worldly from their perspectives.

There was a heart shaped growth of lichen on the side of a tree which also interested them.

Finally, as we arrived back at our now deserted campsite, they engaged in a fantastically curious chat with some fishermen who were catching fresh water crawfish. They were fascinated. Also delighted that they were to be released 🙂 vegetarians all three!

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