Indoor activities

The girls love arts and crafts, so when the weather is wet we really get stuck in to some creative projects.

Non-teachers could be forgiven for thinking that this is not learning. However there are many benefits from activities like these that can impact in formal lessons:

1) hand eye coordination

Sewing projects are brilliant for accuracy building and hand eye coordination. projects like Freya’s toucan (thanks Alison) have prepared holes for the thread to be sewn through. The needle is blunt enough not to cause too much trouble for little fingers so even Fliss could take a turn helping.

2) strength in fingers for tripod grip on pencils

Both drawing and sewing a great for building up strength in fingers. Also pincer grip action, like that used to pick up small objects such as beads, is good for early writing skills. Also, writing or drawing on different surfaces builds up finger strength in joints.

3) concentration and independence

Any activity that keeps your child’s interest will help foster their concentration and independence. All of these activities were child initiated and child selected. By ‘offering’ resources and making materials freely available for selection the girls could access them independently. They all stayed focused for prolonged periods of time.

So, learning, but not as we know it!

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