Nature observation

The river next to the campsite has a wealth of nature and has been the perfect introduction to food webs.

Freya and I sat still on rocks in the water and tried to capture photographs of the creatures calling the river home.

The dragonflies were the most eye catching and easily spotted creatures. The most challenging to photograph though!

We learnt that dragonflies mainly eat other flying insects – like mosquitoes – which we thought was fabulous given our number of bites! We could see them watching from their perches on the leaves then dashing out to catch insects before heading back to the same perch.

Dragonflies are eaten by fish, birds and amphibians. We spotted fish of various sizes but only managed to capture small ones on film. We also saw some frogs but couldn’t quite get them to pose for the camera!

Under the water we spotted freshwater crayfish, the largest was about five inches long. They were very well camouflaged and looked like rocks until they moved.

The crayfish eat the small fish that they capture in their claws. They hide under rocks, camouflaged, and snatch the fish as they swim past.

Fabulous quiet and peaceful activity. The main downside was that once the girls had seen the crayfish they were much more nervous of the water… a couple of nibbles from the small fish also meant that the beach shoes were worn for all further dips in the water!

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