River study 2

After the success of the depth study we carried out more investigations.

Investigation 2 – water speed

We had a hypothesis that the deeper the water the faster it would flow. Using five points from our water depth investigation we set up a speed test.

We strung an additional washing line across the river as a finish line and put Flossy there to catch the stick.

Freya chose a stick and let it go in the water from the first line at each of the measured out points.

I used my phone to time how long the same stick took to travel down to the finish line.

Because of the eddy currents (we discussed these) two of the positions did not result in the stick making it to the finish line resulting in a DNF recording.

The remaining three positions gave us two very similar speeds which were agonizingly slow at 5 minutes each, and one position that resulted in a 1m33s dash.

We decided that the waterfall caused an unusual flow in the river with one section travelling straight and eddy currents being formed in either side of this.

Inconclusive results for this experiment.

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