I deserve ice cream

Flossy found herself being made an example of 😦

At one point in the house clearing journey she refused to help with the tidying up of the garden, “it’s boring and I won’t do it”.

No amount of reasoning “we didn’t make the mess”, “we have the whole house to clean”, “it’s not fair for Freya and Felicity to so all the work” could persuade her to chip in.

So, we made an example.

Daddy presented Felicity and Freya with an ice cream from the freezer.

Flossy was not given one.

Well, the point was made.

There was screaming, shouting, crying, moaning, promises of clearing up next time (Freya was even tempted to share her ice cream with her such was the outpouring of unhappiness). But, we held firm. It just wasn’t acceptable Behavioural.

The next day we have her a second chance. For her learning she was asked to write why she deserved an ice cream and what she would do to earn it.

Why I deserve ice cream
1)I am going to tidy up more rocks in the garden.
2) I put clothes in my drawers
3) clean the bathroom with Freya and daddy

Needless to say the lawn was cleared of rocks, the bathroom was scrubbed and the ice cream was eaten.

We all felt better afterward. Phew! Parenting is hard sometimes.

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