Clearing up the house

One of the things about homeschooling I’ve come to realize over this year is that involving the girls in life is also learning.

At school I always professed that the curriculum was everything that the children experienced from the moment they walked through the gate to the moment they left the site.

The same is true for the house. We have tried to include the girls in all aspects of life: meal planning, food shopping, cooking, washing up, laundry, hanging out the clothes, tidying (hmmm!!!!) making the beds and cleaning.

Previously cleaning hasn’t been on the list because of the chemical used, but now we make our own cleaning materials they are non toxic so they can help as much as they like.

Flossy actually loves helping! Freya would rather read a book!

The perfect opportunity came when we were clearing out the house ready for our trial run of moving (more in a moment about this).

We tried to do a room at a time… move everything out and into the caravan, polish surfaces so dust etc goes on floor. Hoover floor. Mop floor. Next room.

We decided to pack up before heading back to the UK for a few reasons…

  • We didn’t know if it would all fit
  • If it didn’t fit we wanted to be able to come back and put things in the loft
  • We know we will need to camp en route so need to be able to use the caravan while it is packed full to the rafters

So a trial run was agreed. We are heading to Busseroles for a week for these reasons – o my 15 minutes away.

Anyway. The girls were mostly great. Some negotiations about which toys couldn’t come. About half way through we cleared out the fridge so it could defrost. The girls set themselves up where the garden furniture used to be and had a picnic of cold pizza completely independently.

They found lots of small toys in the grass, returned the gravel to the gravel circle and ‘found’ some of Banny’s garden ornaments such as the giant snail shells as they checked the undergrowth for any lost items.

A final play with the water hose and we were ready to leave. Thank you Montouleix- it’s been a lovely visit.

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