Science in action – hydro electricity

You never know when a learning opportunity will present itself. We are lucky in that we have read and taught all of the learning objectives for all of the year groups so generally know what should be known, understood and applied for most subjects in most age brackets.

Our beautiful campsite is situated right next to a disused hydro electric power station and alongside a new lock system that monitors and regulates the current in the Somme.

It em was fascinating to all the children at all of their learning levels.

Felicity was mesmerized by the eddy currents in the river and watched mold football being bashed and battered by the current as it circled perpetually caught in the stream of the falling water.

Flossy lover the power of the water as it pummeled down the waterfall at both sites, intrigued by how the force could be harnessed to make power to run things that use electricity.

Freya, ever the caring one, was worried what happened to the fish and other wildlife who fell down the waterfall or passed through the hydroelectric hammers into the turbines.

We had to tear them away in the end and, even as we walked down the canal the questions continued relentlessly… certainly a great introduction into a unit on electricity and sustainable energy over the weeks ahead.

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