Cycling lesson

The campsite borders onto the canal side cycle route that follows the Somme. 163 miles of almost flat cycle path to the coast… certainly something to consider for the future.

Anyway, inspired by the laden down long distance cyclists complete with panniers, back packs and maps the girls wanted to go for a bike ride along the tow path.

Felicity has a balance bike which, if you have ever accompanied a small child in a balance bike you will know is a back breaker when it comes to helping! We managed to persuade her that riding in mummy or daddy’s shoulders would be much more fun!

This worked, for a while!

Before you knew it though she was asking to ride Flossy’s bike.

The girls were amazing with her, running alongside, holding her on, helping her learn to pedal and, in the end, Flossy gave her her first ‘backy’. She was over the moon as she clung onto Flossy, standing on her stabilizers and motoring down the path at previously not achieved speeds!

Of course, great amusement then followed as everyone tried to ride everyone else’s bikes!

I don’t know whether it was more tiring watching and laughing, helping wi th the balancing or whether we should have brought the balance bike after all.

Needless to say we promised Fliss we would get her a new bike with big girl peddles for her birthday and vowed to get Flossy off her stabilizers during our impending quarantine.

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