Baking; Counting, Measuring and scales

“Can we bake a cake?”

“Yes! As long as you do all the maths!”


“Well, we don’t have to make one!”

“No, we want to…. it’s just that you turn everything into learning!”

“Yes! Yes I do….. ha ha!” (Slightly evil laugh!)

I my defense, I am a semi-reluctant vegan on an elimination diet who then finds themselves creaming butter and sugar and baking delicious smelling chocolate Victoria sponge in a 7m caravan… with not a chance of licking a single finger! I should at least get some learning kudos for my efforts should I not?

They did all the work!

Butter and sugar weighed and creamed. Eggs counted and hand blended. Cocoa and flour weighed and folded in. Oven temperature converted and…. bowl and spoon licked!

I am assured it was delicious and the maths and reading of the recipe were worth it in the end!

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