Laying a maths treasure hunt

We are back in the UK staying at my lovely friend’s rental house.

A we are in quarantine we can’t see or play with our friends… big or small… but we have been coming up with ways of sharing ideas, fun and homeschooling motivations.

The two houses share a stunning and extensive garden with lots of interesting areas to explore.

Freya decided she wanted to lay a treasure hunt so unincorporated some learning from earlier in the year that needed consolidating – directions.

We downloaded a compass App onto my phone and Freya used it to write directions from one part of the garden to another. She counted out paces and wrote instructions using mathematical language that we placed in recycled food jars.

Soon we had ten jars placed across the garden with directions that zig zagged back and forward to trees, bushes, play houses and greenhouses.

The children had designed and made the prizes (see tomorrow’s post) which we left in a Tupperware box at the final destination.

As we couldn’t be close to cheer them on, we took to our observation deck (the girls’ bedroom) and watched from above.

Freya loved the whole project from start to finish and our friends really enjoyed the activity too.

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