We include the girls in jobs and tasks around the house as part of their learning.

This week while in quarantine we have been spring cleaning the van… sorting out clothes that fit, clothes that are stained or damaged, tidying the toys, cleaning all the cupboards out, washing the bedding and quilts etc. so many house keeping things!

An unexpected fun activity emerged when we were putting up the awning.

We use the tarpaulin as flooring in the tent when it is up, but also when in the process of putting it up so it doesn’t get damaged.

On a windy day this led to all sorts of hilarity. It took all 5 of us to get it down flat on the floor….

While in the process Flossy remembered playing with the parachute at school.

What followed was a nursery PE activity with us all making the tarp into water, a river, a parachute, a mushroom… we ran under it and over it and ballooned it over our heads!

So much fun! And so unexpected 🙂

We did also eventually manage to get it to stay on the floor.

One thought on “Parachute

  1. Hey….what fun!! Well done Flossy for remembering that game from school! It is always great fun! But with a heavy tarpaulin that must have been something else!! X


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