The Paper Dolls

Hot off the success of The Gingerbread man we read one of my favorite books The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson.

The story is enchanting and of course, a great extension to learning is making paper dolls.

We talked about where to cut, drawing before cutting so as to make sure the dolls joined up and practiced our accurate cutting.

Once made the dolls challenged us to be able to make them girls and boys… how can you make the same shape look more skirt like or more short like? Should we be gender specific with clothes at all? How can we draw hair on the ‘head’ shape? What is boy hair and what is girl hair?

The coloring and storytelling followed.

The girls talked through how they could retell the whole story using the toys lent to us in our quarantine house 🙂

It is so wonderful when storytelling leads to learning.


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