Daddy is learning!

Nick has spent lockdown and the last months of our travels studying to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

He has taken modular assessments, quizzes and online exams and passed them all with flying colors.

Until now there has been no opportunity to take his practical exams as we have not been in the country.

I was his guinea pig so we asked my aunt to come and babysit the three girls.

What a star!

In anticipation we spent Tuesday reintroducing the girls to Glen as we hadn’t seen her for two years!

We went to a country park, climbed, ran, swung, ate a picnic and found giant mushrooms as a way or reacquainting.

We also managed to see my lovely cousins and their children in the afternoon (just before social distanced groups are reduced to six – so just in time!)

So, on Wednesday, the second day we were set free we travelled to Hitchin for the first of his assessments.

He was amazing… of course 🙂

I was warmed up, out through my paces, trained in free weights, inducted in machines, cooled down, stretched and reviewed.

The lovely assessor confirmed he had passed before we left the gym so a huge success! He can now be a fitness instructor!

The girls had an amazing time with Aunty Glen (who almost lost her voice due to book reading) and were absolutely shattered by the end of the day!

Next hurdle is Level 3 on Monday to qualify as a personal trainer… I don’t know who needs the well wishes more… him as the person being assessed or me who needs to survive the training session.

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