Finding a home

The girls will be glad when they get back to home schooling!

After two days dashing about meeting and spending time with family in the day and our friends’ kids in the evening we were off house hunting…. well should I say boat hunting!

As we have been out of the UK so long we have no chance of getting a mortgage and don’t want our meager remaining funds to disappear in rent. So… we decided we would either find an all year campsite… and spend all our money on pitch rent (which seemed counterproductive given the cost) or we buy a house boat!

Thursday saw us viewing 10 boats in three different locations across the South East from Staines to Reading and down time Chiswick.

We saw narrow boats, Dutch river cruisers and Widebeams.

There is so much to learn…

It was exhausting, interesting and rewarding.

We have whittled it down to two, but now need to secure a residential mooring… which is proving more challenging than anything else!

The girls loved being on and near the water and were very taken with the “larger” space!

Cross your fingers for us… we hope to make an offer on Tuesday 🙂

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