Making Forest People

Great news! I’ve got a job 🙂

Little Forest Folk have offered me a position as Manager for their Forest School Nurseries in West London.

I am beside myself with excitement.

In anticipation of a career in Forest Schools I completed Level 1 Forest School practitioner qualification online. This involved following an online course then completing a portfolio of evidence to support my learning.

One of the tools that was sent to me as a level one student was a booklet of outdoor education activities to do with children.

Well… Freya took one look at this and decided that we needed to try them all out as an onboarding exercise for my new role 🙂

Activity one for the Fuller girls was making stick people from items found in the forests.

So we collected and classified sticks, seeds, leaves, feathers and any other woodland treasures into piles ready to get our creative juices flowing.

We used glue, scissors, cotton, cello tape, sticks, leaves, acorns and feathers to make a family of stick men.

Glued feathers to make ‘hair’

As usual the girls’ creativity blew me away and their ideas were far better than anything I would ever have thought of.

Super stick coming to life

They were so patient, coming up with new iterations and solitons when ideas went wrong and creating a whole family.

Super stick
Mrs Stick
Little stick
Little boy stick

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon in the sunshine!

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