Getting ready for school

Freya and I are working on school readiness. Now that we are going to have a UK residence (once the boat purchase goes through) we will be able to register the girls for school.

We are struggling, of course, to find a school that meets our expectations….

Wherever we send them will be a change, so we are trying to prepare them as best we can.

Freya is really keen! She is looking forward to making friends, meeting teachers and showing off her learning skills.

Flossy is less keen!

To get an idea of where Freya is compared Worthing other UK students we worked through the KS1 end of Y2 assessments.

The first tests she had ever done! She loved it. The laid back approach with a non- judgment setting was great. Where she didn’t know we marked it wrong and then learnt what to do together, an approach we both really liked as it made the test worthwhile!

She got full marks in reading – stanine 115

Dead in average for maths – stanine 101

But struggles with spelling (5/20) which brought her Spelling, Grammar score down to low average- stanine 97

So, we are still working on spelling. We bought a fun spelling activity book and are working through it, supplemented with some extra revision.

Today was days of the week, months of the year and seasons.

To make it more fun, we made a word search once we had practiced the spellings to reinforce the learning.

She is amazing! Any school will be delighted to have her! So proud!

One thought on “Getting ready for school

  1. I think any school would be delighted to welcome your girls……they will enhance any classroom and thrill their teachers with their enthusiasm and joy x


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