Felicity wants to ‘learn’ too

She is such a pickle!

Now that school has commenced again in the Fuller household (we had a forced break thanks to job and houseboat hunting) Felicity wants some of the action!

She sees the bigger girls getting one to one attention. If she can’t have that, then she wants screen time!

We downloaded a few education apps onto the IPad so she could be ‘kept busy and quiet’ while the older girls completed their learning.

She is addicted!

She loves the game so much that Freya and Flossy are now jealous of her!

Lose lose situation!

So now we have to wean her off the IPad and need to deal with her addiction and terrible twos temper as well as explaining to the older girls why they can’t play the educational games… all while we should be getting on with learning!

That will serve us right!

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