We have had an offer accepted on a narrowboat! So exciting!

For most people moving into a 6’10 by 70 boat would be downsizing… for us it is a significant increase in space.

However, the configuration of the boat is not set up for a family of five… well none are actually!

So, we will need to be creative with space.

There is an area between the galley (boat talk already!) and saloon (kitchen and lounge to the rest of us) that we are going to convert into a bedroom space for the girls.

Area between the wardrobe and chest of drawers will be their bedroom space

To do this we have bought some second hand bunk beds. £120 off Facebook 🙂

They beds are double bunks with a pull out single and drawers below.

They were actually the same color as the wardrobe originally, but we thought they might be too imposing in such a small space – so, with the help of three enthusiastic girls and a ton of chalk paint we started to upcycle them!

My my what a lot of paint there was!

They really did their best and enthusiastically covered themselves and most of the beds with clotted cream chalk paint.

It is going to need another coat
And I may need to buy some more handles for the drawers

They loved being part of the process and contributing in some small way to their new home. The extra work will be completely worth it I am sure.

Last helper standing!

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