Coronavirus in play

I have a cold.

A common a garden cold.

However, as an asthmatic the cold has turned into a nasty cough.

Not a good time to have a cough is it!

Earlier this week I was feeling pretty weak from coughing so decided to have a lie down. Nick was painting furniture and I had been playing with the girls.

The play just moved to my sick bed.

Flossy got Coco the monkey dressed in his hazmat suit and he came to look after me.

A bedside table was created out of a ‘ride along train’, a mug of water brought to said table, a blanket covered over me and my status checked by the medical team!

I’m sure I will be fine.

I will keep my fluids up, take paracetamol and rest.

With health care like this I am sure I will make a quick recovery 😉

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