Forest fun

Despite it being colder we seized upon the blue sky early this week and took advantage of a day without rain to explore Heartwood forest without any other school age children around.

The girls were so interested in how the Forest came about.

It was fantastic to have read the information before entering and to know that everyone of the new trees has been planted by a volunteer over the past ten years.

Using the map we planned a route through the magical woodland to the giant wooden table for our picnic lunch.

Freya planning our route

They used the key to see which walks took us where as to find where we were starting . Freya also checked the scale for an idea of distance.

The pathways were marked with colored arrows so the girls took on the role of navigators and happily skipped ahead of use giving directions as they went.

They were warm before long and daddy ended up carrying half the clothes as we went.

If anyone was surprised to see LocationLedLearning on the loose in the forest they were too polite to mention it. We had wonderful socially distanced chats with dog walkers, baby pushers, the old and the young.

It was fantastic to out the girls’ map skills to use in such a real context!

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