Langley wood den building

After our picnic lunch at Heartwood Forest we followed the path to the ancient bluebell woods of Langley Forest.

The footpath was well marked and barriers erected to protect the ancient woodland and the bluebell bulbs beneath the earth from energetic pedestrians.

Right at the entrance there was a bench with an open area that you were allowed to explore so it was here that the girls decided to build their den.

The notice board at the entrance to the woods suggested den building so the girls were eager to have a go.

As a team they negotiated collection, erection and construction tasks.

Early structural work

Mummy and daddy we’re deployed to find and place the larger logs.

Freya designated herself interior designer and set about cleaning a small patch of forest floor as the seating area beneath the early structure.

Flossy refuses to the use the ‘door’ and kept entering through the window, much to rule loving Freya’s despair.

The final structure was big enough for all the girls and one adult at a time to sit in. They were very proud of their efforts and, had it been warmer, may have stayed in there for longer!

One thought on “Langley wood den building

  1. Well done folks… excellent house! Great building skills. I wonder whether the foxes will use it for a snooze now and then? Lots of love

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