Environmental pledge

Freya has a subscription to Storytime magazine, a wonderful reading resource for 7-11 year olds packed with stories and activities, but no adverts!

She receives an issue every month via Banny and Bumpa who bought it for her for her birthday.

This month there was a competition mentioned in the hard copy of the magazine and I received an email with details of an activity pack to accompany it.

This week Flossy and Freya have been using the pack as a stimulus for their home learning.

Our first activity was to learn about how humans are negatively affecting the environment and what we can do to remedy this.

They reviewed the stat chart to see what we did already.

We are pretty eco- conscious but could possibly use the car less – which was the only box we couldn’t colour in ‘cycle to the shops’

Some we acted upon immediately.

Flossy took the food waste out to the compost recycling bin and emptied it while Freya sorted through the recycling and out everything in the correct boxes. (Normally a mummy job, so nice to get some help!)

Then we had a look at areas we could improve and made a ‘pledge’ as to what we would do in the future to be more environmentally friendly.

The resources were excellent and the magazine is fabulous!

Tomorrow we will carry on 🙂

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