Flossy’s taste test!

Flossy is missing Texas… well, not necessarily Texas, more the food she ate in Texas… and perhaps just eating out!

Anyway, her distress about never having Mac and Cheese resulted in me deciding to make an additional grocery delivery list for this week!

We agreed to have Texas Roadhouse style meals to taste test some different Mac and Cheese brands so we can decide on a ‘‘go to’ provider for other future occasions!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating at a Texas Roadhouse they are synonymous with their monkey nuts ona revival, followed by warm bread rolls with whipped sweet butter and finally steak (or in Flossy’s case, Mac and Cheese)

So… we placed an order for all the required ingredients and Flossy counted down the days!

Today, for lunch, we had brand one!

Oven baked and then served with said rolls, nuts and butter!

She was in heaven!

She enjoyed it so much, it was marked at a 9/10 not leaving much room for improvements should the other two brands prove better!

So impatient was little Flossy, she demanded meal two for dinner!

Immediately upon seeing that the Mac was curved she announced that ‘this was thenone’

Indeed, the taste test resulted in a 10/10 even though I made her eat broccoli on the side to try to introduce some non-processed food!

Tomorrow is the third and final taste test, so we will see who emerges the victor!

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