Pirate ships

Draw with Rob has now loved to Saturday mornings as an art club. We miss seeing and hearing him twice a week, but still love his online sessions.

This Saturday was the first time in ages that all four of us did the draw with Rob together…

The idea of learning to sketch a Pirate Ship was enticing enough for all three girls to join me!

Felicity worked in own and ink and wanted to leave her ship with no colour. She knows her own art style!

The creature on the prowl of her boat is a robot in case you wondered 🙂

Freya was true to Rob’s drawing and used color to match his original puece

Flossy, one in her own as usual, created a boat with the Octonaughts all featuring as well as the Octostation!

I joined in and loved every second as usual.

I genuinely don’t know what we will do when he stops 😦

There are still some books we don’t have by him so if anyone is looking for ideas for Felicity’s birthday or Christmas they would be a good bet!

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