Handwriting across the age groups

We have incorporated handwriting into our schedule about twice a week since we started homeschooling.

If you have been following us for a while you will know we researched whether to teach cursive or print for handwriting and decided in cursive.

Felicity is three this month and has been very competent with a pencil for sometime. She regularly joins the girls and I for lessons and has her own handwriting book.

This week she started to learn her letter formation and was very proud to be doing big girl work. As I didn’t think she would be very interested I had introduced the letters in the same order as Jolly phonics thinking we may do one line per session…. two full pages later I realized I should have taught her in handwriting groups instead!

Still always learning!

Flossy’s handwriting each week focuses on areas where we have seen errors in her writing.

This week we pushed her to start learning horizontal joins.

Her name lends itself to being written in cursive so we looked at the joins for each letter then applied it.

The size and even height of the outcome was a real improvement.

Freya now has excellent handwriting (when she chooses) so for her we look at homophones or spelling issues words to build up muscle memory.

You can see from the marking that the girls self assess to see where they think they have been successful. Flossy particularly enjoys this.

We live calm handwriting sessions and often use them to even Out energy levels after a break activity.

If you want any information about the teaching style we use please drop me a line.


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