It’s Banny’s birthday part 1

About two weeks ago Freya and I discussed what we could do for Banny’s birthday.

With no salary due until November and the boat sale going through we in the most frugal of times!

Freya was very keen, as always, to be creative and come up worth some home made gift ideas.

I suggested she write them down so we didn’t forget any of them.

They were such lovely ideas we have incorporated them into our home learning for the past two weeks.

Lesson one – lavender pouches:

We used remnants from the girls discarded clothes to make the pouches, each girl completed some stitching by hand .

We harvested some lavender from the cottage garden and used the flower heads to stuff the shapes we had made to make them smell delicious.

Some of the creations maintained features of the original clothing like Freya’s here. Others were random, like Felicity’s little hanging ‘boots’ while others where sentimental like Flossy’s heart.

I’m sure they will be loved, appreciated and enjoyed.

One thought on “It’s Banny’s birthday part 1

  1. All the presents are greatly loved. The lavender pouches are under my pillow, on my bedside cabinet, in the draw with my pyjamas…..had a wonderful sleep last night thanks to the scent and the love! Thank you girls and Mummy!


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