It’s Banny’s birthday part 2

We have been working through Freya’s list of birthday gift ideas for Banny ‘s 80th birthday which was yesterday.

Our second art and craft project was to make Banny some bookmarks.

Both Banny and Bumpa are a is readers and a whole bedroom in their house has been converted into a reading room.

I showed them a basic pragmatic bookmark technique recommended by our friendly neighbor 🙂 and they were off!

Felicity was a prolific producer, her designs were simple but effective:

The older girls were given the folded templates but no help to decorate at all – they really enjoyed the creative freedom.

Flossy also enjoyed learning the oRaha i technique to help with the templates making.

Freya was so excited to have free access to the craft box I think she used one of everything!

I’m not sure which they will choose to give Banny for her birthday, but can imagine these being great ideas for Christmas gifts too. 🙂 look out!

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