Flossy and Daddy wrote a book

Flossy is often in Freya’s shadow. Particularly when it comes to creativity.

This can mean that she shouts louder, has bigger emotions and demands more attention to ensure that she is ‘seen’.

These behaviors don’t always get her the attention she seeks as you can imagine.

While we are conscious of this, it is not always easy to catch her in the right mode, doing the right thing at the right time to praise her… as we know we should.

We have taken to creating these moments. Today was one such example.

After an emotional meltdown because she wanted to play and NOT do any learning. She was determined that she didn’t want to be persuaded and that it would not be fun.

Nick managed to get her to draw her story then tell him the story so he could scribe it for her.

She used a book we have read about Franklin the tortoise and scaffolded her own story in it.

She was so proud!

Here it is, oh, and hasn’t Nick’s handwriting improves lol!!

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