It just looks like a mess

All Early Years practitioners will tell you that you need to leave children’s learning intact so that they can return to it.

I know this, but it doesn’t make it any easier when you see the mess!

This is the table in the kitchen as I see it almost every morning:

It started with the modeling clay. Then the LEGO was involved, and now it looks like a complete mess.

To be fair to them, they play with it ALL the time and have to be physically removed to come away and take part in any other activity.

So, After six days straight, I negotiated the modeling clay being put away for a few days and the drawing materials replacing it.

They were ok with it. As long as I put everything away carefully.

What I uncovered was enchanting.

Beneath the superficial mess there were some genuine treasures:

The attention to detail, love and concentration required to complete these little scenarios are just staggering. Grab a bit of LEGO to help you see the scale they are working at… just extraordinary.

They have all been carefully packed away and already the creativity is being channeled in alternative directions, which has benefited their drawing and their writing.

But, when the clay comes out again, I’ll be much more forgiving of the mess…. for a while at least!

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