Fungi Fun on a woodland walk

While we are still waiting for confirmation of the girls’ school places we are enjoying the last few days of being able to access points of interest when all the other children are at school!

We love the great outdoors and miss the feeling of being at one with nature while living in a house.

So, as soon as there was a break in the clouds we set off to explore one of the local visitor attractions as recommended by Claire Bear our friendly land lady 🙂

Ashridge Estate is steeped in history and loaded with a wealth of flora and fauna.

We decided on a woodland walk with a fungi focus for the day and became dead wood detectives.

The recent rains had helpfully lent a hand with the fungi fun and everywhere we looked we found a fascinating array of soggy mushroom varieties.

The girls really got into it.

As always there was tree climbing, den building and mud squelching as we wandered through the woodland.

Flossy wanted to know why we hadn’t seen any deer… which given her volume wasn’t a great surprise.

We did however learn about the landowners battles with the commoners for foraging rights, wood collection and animal grazing. Identified some of the ditch and mound boundaries between parish land and also spotted some ancient footpaths hewn out of the bedrock over years of passive footfalls.

We will definitely return for more history in action, nature walking and browsing of the gorgeous second hand book library at the visitor center.

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