Kate Fuller

Accomplished School Principal with an impressive background and commitment to the delivery of top quality education programmes around the world.

A fully qualified teacher initially trained to teach 3-11 year olds, I am a Headteacher with a school leadership career spanning the UK, Malaysia, Texas and Dubai.

After almost 20 years working in schools in both the UK and International sector I gave up work to support my eldest daughter who had ‘fallen out of love with school’.

Nick Fuller

Currently in my 6th year as a professional Dad. During that time, as well as Professional Dadding, I have trained as an Early years teacher. Previously a Global Recruitment Manager with a career spanning three continents focusing on the recruitment of Accountancy and Finance Leaders.

Freya Fuller

6 years old, born in Malaysia in 2013, Freya completed Nursery in Malaysia, FS1 and FS2 in Texas and Year 1 in Dubai.

Florence Fuller

5 years old, born in Malaysia in 2015, Flossy completed Nursery in Texas and FS1 in Dubai.

Felicity Fuller

2 years old, born in Texas in 2017, Fliss has not had any formal schooling.

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