Flossy’s ‘Snobots’

Not to be out done, Flossy embarked on her own version of Freya’s book and called it the ‘Snobots’. To give Freya credit she as incredibly supportive of this and encouraged Flossy in every way. Flossy was not keen on planning anything, nor second drafting anything, but as she has been writing for less than … Continue reading Flossy’s ‘Snobots’

Decorating salt dough

https://youtu.be/VFT9uql9sOU Are they ready yet? Now? Are they ready? How much longer? What time is it? When will they be ready! Oh my goodness.... never has 3 hours felt so long! Once the salt dough was cooked and cooled the girls were desperate to get decorating. Freya has made a collection of tiny creatures and … Continue reading Decorating salt dough

Our bird project

Following the girls’ interests has made home learning so much easier. We check back to the curriculum objectives to ensure coverage across the curriculum. With the prior learning check we can help with direction and make sure that the girls are experiencing a broad curriculum. Freya has a beautiful book called Them Encyclopedia do Life’ … Continue reading Our bird project

Copying older siblings

Freya’s work on her ‘Birds’ unit is coming along beautifully. It has been lovely seeing her following her passions and interests over the past week. Once the unit is finished we will share it here. An unexpected side effect of Thai work has been Flossy’s spontaneous ‘want’ to write. One aspect in particular captured Flossy’s … Continue reading Copying older siblings

Writing skills – Finger knitting

To be able to write for prolongued periods of time children need to have developed so many skills. Not least, they need strength and coordination in their shoulders, elbows and fingers to prevent fatigue. As a parent, some activities that children do at school seem like just 'play', but there is nearly always a developmental … Continue reading Writing skills – Finger knitting

Science for beginners

It all started because Freya was interested in what I have been learning about in the evenings. I have signed up for a Permaculture Design Course online and have been studying most evenings. Talking to Freya about soil and plants as we walk around the campsite and our wider location she was really keen to … Continue reading Science for beginners

Misconceptions in maths

Freya has been struggling with some of her maths and we have been painstakingly going back through the year 1 syllabus to find and identify the route of her misconception. Not surprisingly for teachers out there, it was to do with her understanding of place value and the quantitative value of numerals in different columns … Continue reading Misconceptions in maths

Learning when traveling

Travel days are the most challenging for us when trying to incorporate home schooling. No matter what, reading always takes place, whether Freya to us or us to Freya. We try to use our location and every situation as an opportunity for learning; money in restaurants, language, geography, physics, anything linked to where we are … Continue reading Learning when traveling

Oh! The places we will go

Dr Seuss fans all over, finally, a really genuine reason to use the title of my favourite book 🙂 Thanks to an awesome friend babysitting for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon Nick and I managed to escape the packing, selling mayhem and went for a coffee... without children... together! Can you imagine! Once we … Continue reading Oh! The places we will go