That’s all folks!

It has been an extraordinary journey... from the desert of Dubai, to the fields of France, through the islands of Italy to the coastline of Greece and back! We have learnt in locations that were inspiring human beings centuries ago and those that have existed for mere decades. Studied in places steeped with history and … Continue reading That’s all folks!

Letters to Santa

We had a lie in ! Everything was suspiciously quiet downstairs at 7:30 as we stirred! I’m never sure what I think about a quiet house! It often means mischief.... On this occasion we opened the lounge door to studious writing and deep concentration... The three girls had taken it upon themselves to write letters … Continue reading Letters to Santa

Fungi Fun on a woodland walk

While we are still waiting for confirmation of the girls’ school places we are enjoying the last few days of being able to access points of interest when all the other children are at school! We love the great outdoors and miss the feeling of being at one with nature while living in a house. … Continue reading Fungi Fun on a woodland walk

It just looks like a mess

All Early Years practitioners will tell you that you need to leave children’s learning intact so that they can return to it. I know this, but it doesn’t make it any easier when you see the mess! This is the table in the kitchen as I see it almost every morning: It started with the … Continue reading It just looks like a mess

Flossy and Daddy wrote a book

Flossy is often in Freya’s shadow. Particularly when it comes to creativity. This can mean that she shouts louder, has bigger emotions and demands more attention to ensure that she is ‘seen’. These behaviors don’t always get her the attention she seeks as you can imagine. While we are conscious of this, it is not … Continue reading Flossy and Daddy wrote a book

It’s Banny’s birthday part 3

So, we are o to badge making according to Freya’s gift list... It took a while for me to find inspiration! Then, i remembered the Hamma beads we had been given by the family we bought the bunk beds from. The girls have never used Hamma beads and were intrigued. The fine motor skills needed … Continue reading It’s Banny’s birthday part 3

It’s Banny’s birthday part 2

We have been working through Freya’s list of birthday gift ideas for Banny ‘s 80th birthday which was yesterday. Our second art and craft project was to make Banny some bookmarks. Both Banny and Bumpa are a is readers and a whole bedroom in their house has been converted into a reading room. I showed … Continue reading It’s Banny’s birthday part 2

It’s Banny’s birthday part 1

About two weeks ago Freya and I discussed what we could do for Banny’s birthday. With no salary due until November and the boat sale going through we in the most frugal of times! Freya was very keen, as always, to be creative and come up worth some home made gift ideas. I suggested she … Continue reading It’s Banny’s birthday part 1