Letters to Santa

We had a lie in ! Everything was suspiciously quiet downstairs at 7:30 as we stirred! I’m never sure what I think about a quiet house! It often means mischief.... On this occasion we opened the lounge door to studious writing and deep concentration... The three girls had taken it upon themselves to write letters … Continue reading Letters to Santa

Flossy and Daddy wrote a book

Flossy is often in Freya’s shadow. Particularly when it comes to creativity. This can mean that she shouts louder, has bigger emotions and demands more attention to ensure that she is ‘seen’. These behaviors don’t always get her the attention she seeks as you can imagine. While we are conscious of this, it is not … Continue reading Flossy and Daddy wrote a book

Handwriting across the age groups

We have incorporated handwriting into our schedule about twice a week since we started homeschooling. If you have been following us for a while you will know we researched whether to teach cursive or print for handwriting and decided in cursive. Felicity is three this month and has been very competent with a pencil for … Continue reading Handwriting across the age groups

A letter to Planet Earth

As part of the Storytime magazine competition we have been working through the environmental awareness activity booklet. There is some really appropriate, child friendly information and resources that were informative but accessible. We have completed a star chart to celebrate what we already do, have reviewed how to improve and made a pledge to the … Continue reading A letter to Planet Earth

Environmental pledge

Freya has a subscription to Storytime magazine, a wonderful reading resource for 7-11 year olds packed with stories and activities, but no adverts! She receives an issue every month via Banny and Bumpa who bought it for her for her birthday. This month there was a competition mentioned in the hard copy of the magazine … Continue reading Environmental pledge

Learning to write her name

Felicity is a better behaved student than both the others out together! When we do home learning in the morning she sits happily drawing ‘writing’ and completing activities on the iPad without complaint. We were doing handwriting this week and she demanded her own book 🙂 So, I duly made her a book that was … Continue reading Learning to write her name

Tiny things… again!

The girls LOVE small world play There are tiny things everywhere.... often mistaken for trash and removed much to the girls' chagrin! This week they have been planting vegetable patches inspired by Peter Rabbit. When Nick and Freya went charity shop browsing this week they bought a box set of the Beatrix Potter books (one … Continue reading Tiny things… again!

Spending her prize money

Freya’s book tokens arrived - she won £50 in vouchers to spend on books when she won the story writing competition. I’ve never seen someone so excited! Immediately she knew that she wanted to but #drawwithrob books by Rob Biddulph and so spent some time browsing all of the books he has authored and that … Continue reading Spending her prize money

Getting ready for school

Freya and I are working on school readiness. Now that we are going to have a UK residence (once the boat purchase goes through) we will be able to register the girls for school. We are struggling, of course, to find a school that meets our expectations.... Wherever we send them will be a change, … Continue reading Getting ready for school