Charity shop fun

Now that we are buying a boat we have started to collect a few things that will make life easier. A lovely lady in Hitchin gave us a sewing machine so I can see new curtains and bedding etc. Another lovely lady in Hatfield is giving us a printer so we can fill out all … Continue reading Charity shop fun

Getting ready for school

Freya and I are working on school readiness. Now that we are going to have a UK residence (once the boat purchase goes through) we will be able to register the girls for school. We are struggling, of course, to find a school that meets our expectations.... Wherever we send them will be a change, … Continue reading Getting ready for school

I deserve ice cream

Flossy found herself being made an example of 😦 At one point in the house clearing journey she refused to help with the tidying up of the garden, “it’s boring and I won’t do it”. No amount of reasoning “we didn’t make the mess”, “we have the whole house to clean”, “it’s not fair for … Continue reading I deserve ice cream

Freya’s birds of prey project

She has just loved it so far! It really shows how when a child takes control of their learning, and follows a passion project, the motivation is intrinsic. Freya has spent about an hour per page researching facts about the first top four (according to the RSPB) birds of Prey in the UK. Her biggest … Continue reading Freya’s birds of prey project

Books in the mail

A parcel arrived in the mail. There is literally nothing more exciting to our girls than unexpected post 🙂 Last Birthday Banny and Bumpa bought Freya a subscription to ‘Storytime’ magazine. It has been a huge hit! Freya pours over every copy and devours every story. We read some aloud for book time at bedtime … Continue reading Books in the mail

How a project starts

When I speak to other homeschooling parents one of the main questions I get asked is about where the ideas come from. I honestly can say, I’m most cases, they come from the girls. For example, Freya and I are embarking on a new learning journey into the world of raptors. There is a bird … Continue reading How a project starts

The Tooth Fairy

What a rollercoaster ride! First, she was excited her tooth was wobbly. Then she was distraught that her tooth was going to fall out. Then she didn’t want to grow up and wanted to be six again. Then her tooth fell out. It was placed in a precious little jar and cleaned each night with … Continue reading The Tooth Fairy

Fossil hunters

The girls want to be paleontologists this week! Of course they do! I wouldn’t let them dig up the garden so Flossy suggested we do a ‘People who changed the world’ on it. this is what we call History. So, dutiful mother that I am, and so keen to follow their interests, I looked for … Continue reading Fossil hunters

Felicity ‘writing’

It is so interesting and such a privilege watching Felicity learning to ‘write’ I’ve never been an Early Years specialist. I was put off during my teaching practice when one little boy in particular kept putting his hand up my trouser leg and stroking my hairy calves (winter and long hours meant I wasn’t shaving … Continue reading Felicity ‘writing’

Flossy is writing letters galore

We have found Flossy’s passion for writing... she loves sending and receiving letters. Following receiving a reply from Zia Carol she immediately wanted to write back. Independently finding a card, pencil and setting to work so the card could be mailed as soon as possible. She went on to start writing letters from one toy … Continue reading Flossy is writing letters galore