Writing for a purpose – letters

I have mentioned before I think how much purpose has an impact on writing. If a child knows ‘why’ they are doing something they can ignite intrinsic motivation to keep themselves working. Even better is when the come up with the writing idea themselves. Our girls have had many ‘goodbyes’ in their lives. Too many … Continue reading Writing for a purpose – letters

Creating space for creation

Freya is writing a book. This has happened before, but this time she is using some story construction tools to help her with her structure. With two younger siblings in the house it is always difficult to find a quiet place to work, more so in the caravan admittedly, but still the case in the … Continue reading Creating space for creation

Felicity surprises us – again!

She catches us out most days! I think it comes from having two big sisters to copy and emulate, but she really surprises us sometimes with what she can do and wants to do. Usually, during lesson time, one of us is charged with ‘keeping Fliss busy’ but some days, she just wants to so … Continue reading Felicity surprises us – again!

Supporting writing different ways

Freya is an avid reader and a fairly prolific writer, but she finds spelling really tricky. At just 7 it is not clear whether she has dyslexic tendencies, a processing difference or just finds spelling hard. Sometimes it is nice for Freya to have different kinds of support for her writing to maintain her positive … Continue reading Supporting writing different ways

Tiny books!

The British Library shared some tiny books by famous authors recently and it struck me as an amazing provocation for writing for Flossy and Freya, who both love all things tiny! https://www.bl.uk/childrens-books/activities/make-a-miniature-book I made some moderately small books using a folding technique that turns one piece of A4 into an 8 page tiny book. https://youtu.be/21qi9ZcQVtoContinue reading Tiny books!

Christopher Columbus

Freya is really enjoying history still, somewhat to do with the videos in BBC Bitesize as well as her fascination with times gone by. We linked the learning onChristopher Columbus with Geography and a focus on North America (see later). Once again, Flossy was fascinated with the video, not so much with the idea of … Continue reading Christopher Columbus

Getting caught reading

Not content with her potty training success Felicity has been on a roll with her learning. Having two big sisters has a massive influence on her, and as Zia Carol said last week, not many two year olds get attention from two siblings and two parents at home for a whole year! So it’s not … Continue reading Getting caught reading

Freya’s chapter book

Now that Freya has a more confident hand writing style, her imagination is more easily conveyed through writing. She is still more interested in drawing than writing, and reading than writing but she no longer complains when it is time to communicate through the written word... particularly if it is something she wants to write … Continue reading Freya’s chapter book

People who changed the world

Having completed our Geography unit I reviewed our Year 2 learning objective assessment sheet to see where we were up to in our curriculum coverage for Freya. There was one glaring omission - History. Now, that is not to say that we have not taught any History, we have studied a huge amount about both … Continue reading People who changed the world