Reducing parent workload

We want to make sure we consolidate Freya’s amazing maths progress with frequent practice. This can be quite labor intensive on the parent teacher... this was my sneaky trick this week. We were spending so much time on the Smobots writing project I needed maths to be quick and easy to pick up and go. … Continue reading Reducing parent workload

Subtraction – moving towards standard written method

Hot off the trails of Freya’s success with column addition we tackled column subtraction. Using the analogy of ‘bags of sweets’ that we open to add to our ones column when we need to ‘borrow’ a ten from the tens column she quickly managed to grasp the expanded method. As she already understood how to … Continue reading Subtraction – moving towards standard written method

Column addition- standard written method

She nailed it! So fantastic to see her confident smile and self assured attitude as she tackled column addition ‘the way we were taught.’ We reviewed what we had learn so far with partitioning and expanded column method before I demonstrated standard written method with ‘carrying’. I decided to place the ‘carried’ ten at the … Continue reading Column addition- standard written method

Moving towards column addition 2

Given Freya’s confidence with partitioning I thought it was worth keeping up the momentum and trying to teach her expanded written method. In this method, rather than partitioning you complete the calculation by adding the ones (units) and writing down the answer, then adding the tens and writing down that answer below. Freya was delighted … Continue reading Moving towards column addition 2

Moving towards column addition 1

Freya and I have been working to build up her confidence in maths over the past weeks as those of you who read the blog regularly will know. Over the past week we have been looking at standard written methods for addition and subtraction and have been using what we know to work towards being … Continue reading Moving towards column addition 1

Making maths memorable

Continuing on our slow progress through the year 2 maths curriculum this week Freya and I embarked on subtraction. With so much work having gone into securing her place value understanding I must admit that I thought this would go smoothly... it quite so. We warmed up with some number bonds to ten and then … Continue reading Making maths memorable

Giant Snakes and Ladders

Our wonderful next door neighbors were kind enough to pass us some A2 pieces of paper, not sure where they got them from, but one side had Covid 19 warning on! Anyway, we have used them for protecting the floor from painting activities and today we made a giant game of snakes and ladders. We … Continue reading Giant Snakes and Ladders

Multiplication as an array

We didn’t study arrays when I was at school, but they are a great way of showing the volume and worth of the outcomes of multiplication. Freya has done some multiplication before - it was through our work in times tables that we uncovered some of her misconceptions early on in the year. We tentatively … Continue reading Multiplication as an array

Place value when it’s hard

Freya has been working so hard in her maths. We have made some great progress and have been recapping repeatedly before moving on. This week we checked our understanding of place value again before applying it to additional of two digit numbers. We started with the abacus and the bead string to look at the … Continue reading Place value when it’s hard

Book shop

We have met some amazing people on our travels, people who have touched our lives in so many ways. We are always so overwhelmed by the kindness we experience, often from people we only have only known for a short time. This week a mysterious parcel arrived from Amazon. It was recently Freya’s birthday so … Continue reading Book shop