Identifying flight feathers

While we were searching for materials for our stick men we found a selection of feathers. Freya was classifying the feathers using her knowledge from our ‘Birds’ topic and our ‘Birds of Prey’ topic. She predicted that one of the feathers was a flight feather and wanted to test this theory by dropping it and … Continue reading Identifying flight feathers

Laying a maths treasure hunt

We are back in the UK staying at my lovely friend’s rental house. A we are in quarantine we can’t see or play with our friends... big or small... but we have been coming up with ways of sharing ideas, fun and homeschooling motivations. The two houses share a stunning and extensive garden with lots … Continue reading Laying a maths treasure hunt

Baking; Counting, Measuring and scales

“Can we bake a cake?” “Yes! As long as you do all the maths!” “Urrrggghhhh!“ “Well, we don’t have to make one!” “No, we want to.... it’s just that you turn everything into learning!” “Yes! Yes I do..... ha ha!” (Slightly evil laugh!) I my defense, I am a semi-reluctant vegan on an elimination diet … Continue reading Baking; Counting, Measuring and scales

River study 2

After the success of the depth study we carried out more investigations. Investigation 2 - water speed We had a hypothesis that the deeper the water the faster it would flow. Using five points from our water depth investigation we set up a speed test. We strung an additional washing line across the river as … Continue reading River study 2

River study 1

At Guillemont, my first headship, we did a wonderful river study at a local park. Despite this being aimed at older children, our location next to the river was so good it seemed a shame to not try to replicate the learning. So, Flossy and Freya our in their swimming costumes and we set up … Continue reading River study 1

Fractions – the bane of every teacher’s life!

No one likes teaching fractions! Once you get past the ‘fold the piece of paper into equal parts’ stage it is a LOT less fun! Knowing this, and also knowing the learning journey that Freya has been on with her maths, I was not excited about the prospect of making sure she was at age … Continue reading Fractions – the bane of every teacher’s life!

Science investigation – friction

The box of cars have always been popular. We bought them here in France last summer for €10 at a car boot sale. I had said the girls could have one car each, the cunning chap said it was €6 for three cars or €10 for the lot... so the whole box came home. To … Continue reading Science investigation – friction

Computer coding introduction, lesson two

We haven’t really introduced the girls to computer coding, there will be enough time in front of screens once they are back in mainstream school I am sure. We didn’t however want them to miss out on learning the skills that they will need to apply once they start coding on a computer or App. … Continue reading Computer coding introduction, lesson two

Introduction to coding, lesson one

The most fun we have had on a rainy day in AGES! For the same reason as we haven’t taught levers, pulleys and cogs we haven’t taught coding yet this year. There simply hasn’t been a genuinely child led reason to do so. So we have been putting it off! But, a rainy few days … Continue reading Introduction to coding, lesson one