Handwriting across the age groups

We have incorporated handwriting into our schedule about twice a week since we started homeschooling. If you have been following us for a while you will know we researched whether to teach cursive or print for handwriting and decided in cursive. Felicity is three this month and has been very competent with a pencil for … Continue reading Handwriting across the age groups

Flossy’s taste test!

Flossy is missing Texas... well, not necessarily Texas, more the food she ate in Texas... and perhaps just eating out! Anyway, her distress about never having Mac and Cheese resulted in me deciding to make an additional grocery delivery list for this week! We agreed to have Texas Roadhouse style meals to taste test some … Continue reading Flossy’s taste test!

A letter to Planet Earth

As part of the Storytime magazine competition we have been working through the environmental awareness activity booklet. There is some really appropriate, child friendly information and resources that were informative but accessible. We have completed a star chart to celebrate what we already do, have reviewed how to improve and made a pledge to the … Continue reading A letter to Planet Earth

Environmental pledge

Freya has a subscription to Storytime magazine, a wonderful reading resource for 7-11 year olds packed with stories and activities, but no adverts! She receives an issue every month via Banny and Bumpa who bought it for her for her birthday. This month there was a competition mentioned in the hard copy of the magazine … Continue reading Environmental pledge

Langley wood den building

After our picnic lunch at Heartwood Forest we followed the path to the ancient bluebell woods of Langley Forest. The footpath was well marked and barriers erected to protect the ancient woodland and the bluebell bulbs beneath the earth from energetic pedestrians. Right at the entrance there was a bench with an open area that … Continue reading Langley wood den building

When the temperature drops

So, Freya and Flossy were born in Malaysia where it rarely falls below 30 degrees c Felicity was born in Texas where winter lasts about 5 days! We are now in the UK for the foreseeable future and the temperature has repeatedly fallen below 10 degrees c This... apparently is Arctic temperatures for our kids! … Continue reading When the temperature drops

Learning to write her name

Felicity is a better behaved student than both the others out together! When we do home learning in the morning she sits happily drawing ‘writing’ and completing activities on the iPad without complaint. We were doing handwriting this week and she demanded her own book 🙂 So, I duly made her a book that was … Continue reading Learning to write her name