Father’s Day Design Technology

Never a learning moment missed in this house! Through my curriculum tracking against the National Curriculum I had noticed that we hadn’t taught any levers, cogs or paper engineering. At a loss as to how to shoehorn this into a child led learning moment the objectives have been festering at the back of my mind … Continue reading Father’s Day Design Technology

Flossy gets us to go on a picnic

It rained pretty solidly for the first two weeks in France so every time Flossy asked if we could go on a picnic the answer was a firm no! We are t sure why she loves picnics so much, but she asked almost every day until we promised that, as soon as the weather broke, … Continue reading Flossy gets us to go on a picnic

Learning by the lake

The girls really do have an insatiable want and need for knowledge and learning, I know that as teachers and we start learning never stops... but seriously! So when we got to the lake on our day trip the beach and the lake were still closed due to coronavirus. (Toilets too but that is another … Continue reading Learning by the lake

We drove somewhere!

Finally, after months and months locked down in Italy and France we went out for the afternoon as a family. The excitement was palpable. Parks in a France reopened this week so we packed a picnic - note about this on another blog - and drove to the nearby lake in st. Estephe. The girls … Continue reading We drove somewhere!

Reducing parent workload

We want to make sure we consolidate Freya’s amazing maths progress with frequent practice. This can be quite labor intensive on the parent teacher... this was my sneaky trick this week. We were spending so much time on the Smobots writing project I needed maths to be quick and easy to pick up and go. … Continue reading Reducing parent workload

Flossy’s ‘Snobots’

Not to be out done, Flossy embarked on her own version of Freya’s book and called it the ‘Snobots’. To give Freya credit she as incredibly supportive of this and encouraged Flossy in every way. Flossy was not keen on planning anything, nor second drafting anything, but as she has been writing for less than … Continue reading Flossy’s ‘Snobots’

Writing up the final draft

It has taken her days and days to write up her book in ‘best’ and complete the illustrations. One morning we found her at the dining room table working at 7:03 am! That is intrinsic motivation for you. Flossy and a Freya writing at 7am before we had woken up! She is so proud of … Continue reading Writing up the final draft

The final edit lesson five

We read the whole story aloud to the family... Freya was so proud of her work she practically beamed! Once she had celebrated her achievement the editing began. Daddy talked to Freya about the process he went through before his book was published. The number of edits he did and the new drafts he wrote. … Continue reading The final edit lesson five

Creative writing lesson four

She was off again, knowing that it was ok to make mistakes and assured that the best word being used is more important than the correct spelling Freya was raring to go the next day. We once again worked together on the planning mind maps and she was keen to get off and working at … Continue reading Creative writing lesson four