Driving lessons

Our lovely neighbors are just so generous. They have given us a roof over our heads, a garden to enjoy, advice about local activities, nights drinking wine, friends for the girls and this week, they shared their incredible toy collection. The weather briefly improved so we all took to the drive to play with the … Continue reading Driving lessons

It just looks like a mess

All Early Years practitioners will tell you that you need to leave children’s learning intact so that they can return to it. I know this, but it doesn’t make it any easier when you see the mess! This is the table in the kitchen as I see it almost every morning: It started with the … Continue reading It just looks like a mess

Coronavirus in play

I have a cold. A common a garden cold. However, as an asthmatic the cold has turned into a nasty cough. Not a good time to have a cough is it! Earlier this week I was feeling pretty weak from coughing so decided to have a lie down. Nick was painting furniture and I had … Continue reading Coronavirus in play

Making Forest People

Great news! I’ve got a job 🙂 Little Forest Folk have offered me a position as Manager for their Forest School Nurseries in West London. I am beside myself with excitement. In anticipation of a career in Forest Schools I completed Level 1 Forest School practitioner qualification online. This involved following an online course then … Continue reading Making Forest People

Large scale drawing

Felicity can be a horror! Those angelic blue eyes hide a mischievous personality of third child proportions. We caught her with an orange pencil at the top of the stairs with a whole white wall in-front of her... her intentions were clear.... Fortunately we had some very large paper used as packaging for a delivery … Continue reading Large scale drawing

The Paper Dolls

Hot off the success of The Gingerbread man we read one of my favorite books The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson. The story is enchanting and of course, a great extension to learning is making paper dolls. We talked about where to cut, drawing before cutting so as to make sure the dolls joined up … Continue reading The Paper Dolls

Sewing gifts

Basking in the success of their prize making this week the girls were keen to Co TTO use the scraps of material we have to make other items. Flossy, impetuous as ever just started stitching things together... Freya more considered helped me make some templates to cut round so she could plan her work. Looking … Continue reading Sewing gifts


We include the girls in jobs and tasks around the house as part of their learning. This week while in quarantine we have been spring cleaning the van... sorting out clothes that fit, clothes that are stained or damaged, tidying the toys, cleaning all the cupboards out, washing the bedding and quilts etc. so many … Continue reading Parachute