Father’s Day Design Technology

Never a learning moment missed in this house! Through my curriculum tracking against the National Curriculum I had noticed that we hadn’t taught any levers, cogs or paper engineering. At a loss as to how to shoehorn this into a child led learning moment the objectives have been festering at the back of my mind … Continue reading Father’s Day Design Technology

Flossy gets us to go on a picnic

It rained pretty solidly for the first two weeks in France so every time Flossy asked if we could go on a picnic the answer was a firm no! We are t sure why she loves picnics so much, but she asked almost every day until we promised that, as soon as the weather broke, … Continue reading Flossy gets us to go on a picnic

Learning by the lake

The girls really do have an insatiable want and need for knowledge and learning, I know that as teachers and we start learning never stops... but seriously! So when we got to the lake on our day trip the beach and the lake were still closed due to coronavirus. (Toilets too but that is another … Continue reading Learning by the lake

We drove somewhere!

Finally, after months and months locked down in Italy and France we went out for the afternoon as a family. The excitement was palpable. Parks in a France reopened this week so we packed a picnic - note about this on another blog - and drove to the nearby lake in st. Estephe. The girls … Continue reading We drove somewhere!

National Empathy Day

The lovely #drawwithRob Rob Biddulph has a special draw along session this week for #EmpathyDay. Given Flossy’s heightened emotional state, about most things, and her inability to regulate said emotions while balancing her egocentricity we thought it was a good opportunity to talk about feelings. We looked at one of the children’s books from the … Continue reading National Empathy Day

Portraits and sunsets

For the last days in Sicily we were lucky enough to rent the small holiday cottage on the campsite. Zia Carol came and stayed for the penultimate night and day and the girls had a fabulous time avoiding all of the packing up! Some of the many highlights of Carol staying over were the art … Continue reading Portraits and sunsets

Car journey learning

There are so many opportunities for learning everywhere that our poor girls don’t even get a rest in the car! We recently drove all the way from Sampieri on the South Eastern Coast of Sicily to Palermo on the North Western Coast with the caravan. It took us seven hours on the bumpy, windy roads … Continue reading Car journey learning

World Record Attempt

I know.... I talk WAY too much about Rob Biddulph, (don’t knock it until you have had a go at #drawwithRob) but this has to get a mention... we joined in with a World Record Attempt 🙂 We joined over 40,000 others online for thirty minutes and learnt to draw a whale with a rainbow … Continue reading World Record Attempt

More acts of incredible kindness

I attribute the reason that teaching became my vocation to two very special women - Ms Irene Leeves who took a huge chance in employing me as an unknown entity and Mrs Alison Raines who trained and mentored me in my first year. Life goes on a pace and it can be hard to keep … Continue reading More acts of incredible kindness