Potty training

.... will it is learning after all! Is there a right time? Is there a right method? How old should your child be? Should you use pull ups? Straight to the big toilet or use a potty? Stay home or carry on as normal? So many unanswered questions! There is no right or wrong way! … Continue reading Potty training

Yes, but where are you from?

This is a question that stops our kids in their tracks, they have no idea where they are from. If you ask them where they were born, they can answer. If you ask them where they live, Freya recently answered, "everywhere". But if you ask them where they are from they are thrown. There is … Continue reading Yes, but where are you from?

A night in the town

Budgets don’t allow for much eating out... but this week the girls donned their best (read here favorite rather than fancy) outfits to attend the INCO Christmas lunch. We had a family nap in the afternoon to prepare us for a late night, showered and dressed up for the occasion. The girls each chose a … Continue reading A night in the town

Funding our homeschooling journey – a new initiative:-)

Having resigned from my job and still struggling with work related anxiety and depression it is hard to imagine going back to working 60 hour weeks in education. Following some amazing advice from my counselor (Maria Tansey in Dubai if you need a recommendation for a life coach?) I started channeling my creative energies to … Continue reading Funding our homeschooling journey – a new initiative:-)

What a difference….

This week we visited Heraklion Archaeology Museum. The girls had such an amazing experience when we visited the Acropolis Museum in Athens that we felt buoyed to attempt another cultural outing. The first Sunday of every month the municipal museums are free to enter. So, with packed lunch in tow we set off for the … Continue reading What a difference….


https://youtu.be/iZxQu2ocGWo Loving by the sea has, as you would imagine, caught the children’s nautical imaginations. This week we planned an outing to CretAquarium to explore the underwater world and see how life is sustained beneath the seas. Flossy’s favorite learning was watching how turtles lay their eggs under the sand, the witnessing them emerge and … Continue reading CretAquarium

Minimalist / homeschooling Christmas!

How can you be a minimalist family at Christmas? When you live in a caravan, how can you not? Six, four and two year olds don’t care about the nose weight of a caravan any more than they care how many toys they already have! The easy way to ‘do Christmas’ in a caravan as … Continue reading Minimalist / homeschooling Christmas!

Coastal path walk

This Friday we joined the INCO crowd for Friday Footsteps and walked along the coast from Malia to Sisi. The children learnt from a microbiologist and a Naturalist as they explored the flora and fauna of the location. We saw an extreme example of coastal living where a fisherman had built a dwelling on an … Continue reading Coastal path walk

Geology walk at Kritsa Gorge

We were delighted when Tony Cross, a great friend of my dad’s and local walking expert agreed to take the whole family for a walk through Kritsa Gorge. The Gorge is formed from a river running through limestone and is passable all summer until the rainy season commences. Fliss was in the rucksack carrier while … Continue reading Geology walk at Kritsa Gorge

Dinner for two…. three… five!

Some of the people we have met on our learning journey are quite simply amazing. Tonight, Barbara and George, retirees who live in the same pontoon as Granny Caz, invites us all to dinner in the boat! All five of us! In the build up to this family date night we talked about etiquette, table … Continue reading Dinner for two…. three… five!