The final edit lesson five

We read the whole story aloud to the family... Freya was so proud of her work she practically beamed! Once she had celebrated her achievement the editing began. Daddy talked to Freya about the process he went through before his book was published. The number of edits he did and the new drafts he wrote. … Continue reading The final edit lesson five

Creative writing lesson four

She was off again, knowing that it was ok to make mistakes and assured that the best word being used is more important than the correct spelling Freya was raring to go the next day. We once again worked together on the planning mind maps and she was keen to get off and working at … Continue reading Creative writing lesson four

Creative writing part three

Freya was not so sure about her writing the next day... She was excited to work together on the planning for her next focus - the ‘Build up’ of her story but when I had to leave her working independently while doing the grocery shopping, she lost momentum and her work was of a much … Continue reading Creative writing part three

Creative writing lesson two

The next morning Freya was very keen to get started on her book! We reminded ourselves what was in the plan and talked about her introduction. With me working on a mind map she talked me through the characteristics of her protagonist and his friends then went on the describe the setting in great detail. … Continue reading Creative writing lesson two

Planning a creative writing project

Freya has been working on her book for just over a week, I hope to share the finished product soon... in the meantime I wanted to share the planning process that we went through to support our seven year old 🙂 As you saw in an earlier post we created a stress free, quiet space … Continue reading Planning a creative writing project

National Empathy Day

The lovely #drawwithRob Rob Biddulph has a special draw along session this week for #EmpathyDay. Given Flossy’s heightened emotional state, about most things, and her inability to regulate said emotions while balancing her egocentricity we thought it was a good opportunity to talk about feelings. We looked at one of the children’s books from the … Continue reading National Empathy Day

Writing for a purpose – letters

I have mentioned before I think how much purpose has an impact on writing. If a child knows ‘why’ they are doing something they can ignite intrinsic motivation to keep themselves working. Even better is when the come up with the writing idea themselves. Our girls have had many ‘goodbyes’ in their lives. Too many … Continue reading Writing for a purpose – letters

Creating space for creation

Freya is writing a book. This has happened before, but this time she is using some story construction tools to help her with her structure. With two younger siblings in the house it is always difficult to find a quiet place to work, more so in the caravan admittedly, but still the case in the … Continue reading Creating space for creation

Felicity surprises us – again!

She catches us out most days! I think it comes from having two big sisters to copy and emulate, but she really surprises us sometimes with what she can do and wants to do. Usually, during lesson time, one of us is charged with ‘keeping Fliss busy’ but some days, she just wants to so … Continue reading Felicity surprises us – again!

Subtraction – moving towards standard written method

Hot off the trails of Freya’s success with column addition we tackled column subtraction. Using the analogy of ‘bags of sweets’ that we open to add to our ones column when we need to ‘borrow’ a ten from the tens column she quickly managed to grasp the expanded method. As she already understood how to … Continue reading Subtraction – moving towards standard written method