Sustainability learning part two

We had some great hands in learning this week as we prepare to leave the house again for some camping fun. Nick and I haven’t bought any new clothes pretty much since March 2019. So some items are looking pretty tired. One of my favorite blue and white striped tops had a stubborn colour rum … Continue reading Sustainability learning part two

Freya’s birds of prey project

She has just loved it so far! It really shows how when a child takes control of their learning, and follows a passion project, the motivation is intrinsic. Freya has spent about an hour per page researching facts about the first top four (according to the RSPB) birds of Prey in the UK. Her biggest … Continue reading Freya’s birds of prey project

Yes day!

It all started, as it so often does, with a book! Yes Day! We read Yes Day as a family and ever since have been planning to have one... when we had time, when we had the money, when we had the patience, when we could fit it in.... The premise is that whatever … Continue reading Yes day!