Freya’s birds of prey project

She has just loved it so far! It really shows how when a child takes control of their learning, and follows a passion project, the motivation is intrinsic. Freya has spent about an hour per page researching facts about the first top four (according to the RSPB) birds of Prey in the UK. Her biggest … Continue reading Freya’s birds of prey project

To be online, or not to be online, that is the question

Online Learning Should you use the screen or not.... that is the question... update on our findings! We have three children, there are only two of us and therefore there is always a challenge when it comes to one to one time and a quiet space for learning. Unless someone is with Felicity keeping her … Continue reading To be online, or not to be online, that is the question

Yes day!

It all started, as it so often does, with a book! Yes Day! We read Yes Day as a family and ever since have been planning to have one... when we had time, when we had the money, when we had the patience, when we could fit it in.... The premise is that whatever … Continue reading Yes day!

Book led learning The Greedy Triangle

Earlier this week I introduced the girls to the book ‘The Greedy Triangle’ They have loved reading about the cheeky polygon as he goes through his various iterations; from triangles through to shapes with too many sides to count. Today we read the book again and made a note of the different names for the … Continue reading Book led learning The Greedy Triangle

Where does all the time go?

We are really struggling to get stuff done! Camping just takes up a lot of time! With a tiny fridge and five people (plus a commitment to try not to eat too much processed food) we have to go shopping every 2/3 days - which, if we take the kids, feels like hours of torture! … Continue reading Where does all the time go?

Handwriting – cursive or manuscript?

Not many children will extol the virtues of handwriting lessons. Indeed, as a teacher and a leader, it is rare to teach or observe an outstanding ha deriving lesson. Every child needs personal input Every stroke needs instant feedback of bad habits are to be avoided Every piece of writing requires constant reminders of letter … Continue reading Handwriting – cursive or manuscript?

Location led maths

The girls created their own shopping lists, went to the supermarket and found their goods. We used the receipt to find out how much each item cost. Using coins we allocated amounts to each item and then found the total. Freya practiced: - counting in 2s - counting in 10s - making numbers up to … Continue reading Location led maths